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The Eagles Tribute Continental Entertainment Canada

The Eagles Tribute

Epic Eagles Tribute – Canada’s Definitive Eagles Tribute Band, brings you back to the golden days of the legendary band ‘The Eagles’ all the way through to the present.

‘Hotel California’, ‘One of These Nights’, ‘Life in the Fast Lane’, Desperado’, ‘Take It Easy’… ‘Epic Eagles’ will be performing these and other chart-toppers, along with some deep cuts for the die-hard Eagles and Don Henley fans.

‘Epic Eagles’ features Dean Young (former lead vocalist of popular Eagles Tribute ‘Hotel California’) at the helm as ‘Henley’ along with lead vocalists Mike Alonzo and Bryce Moore covering the vocals of Glenn Frey/Timothy B Schmidt/Randy Meissner/Joe Walsh.  Augmented by multi-instrumentalist/bassist/background vocalist Peter Tong and renown drummer/percussionist Jeff Salem, audiences will be treated to the legacy sound of The Eagles when they began to rule the airwaves.

Experience and relive an era gone by… and into the next millennium.  You are about to soar high with ‘Epic Eagles’!

“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave…”