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A Tribute to Cher

A Tribute to Cher

Sandra Wood makes a stunning appearance in the show as “Cher”. Sandra not only looks like Cher, but her singing and mannerisms are so strikingly like Cher’s, you are certain that you have just seen the superstar on stage.

Sandra has recently written and produced a full blown stage extravaganza show entitled, “Sandra Wood’s Farewell Tour”. No, she’s not quitting the business, she is just saluting her counterpart’s decision to stop performing live (Yeah, right!). Much like Cher’s real show, the “Sandra Wood Farewell Tour” encompasses a live band, dancers, and videos (however, no Cirque du Soleil acrobats…sorry!)

Sandra has been performing as a Cher impersonator for over 10 years. She performs at major corporate events all over the United States and appeared as Cher’s on-screen double in the music video ‘Walking in Memphis’.

Sandra was personally selected by Bette Milder to appear on stage with her as “Cher” for the New Year’s Eve show of the Divine Miss Millennium Tour in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay.

Sandra has performed for some of the corporate giants including; IBM, Mobile Oil, AT&T, Allstate Insurance, Dr. Pepper, Hewlett Packard, Canon, Panasonic, Discover Card, MCI, Nissan, Xerox, Soloman Smith Barney, Chevrolet, Lucent Technologies, Chrysler, and 3M.