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Tribute to Judy Garland

“Judy Garland A Night In The Life…”

“It works from beginning to end, owing not only to Julie Sheppard’s uncanny vocal similarity to Garland…she captures all of the vocal nuances of the mature Garland.”

“According to people in the audience, (Sid) Luft wept as Julie recreated some of Judy’s songs…”
PAGE SIX  NY Post    Richard Johnson

“Garland has never been honored quite so eloquently as in Julie Sheppard’s cabaret.”
New York Post

“Julie Sheppard doesn’t impersonate Garland; she inhabits her and brings the legend back to life.”

“She represents a sort of perfection of Garland…she magically becomes her.”
Steve Allen

“A musical variety spectacular, at The Renberg Theatre.”
Frontiers Newsmagazine

“Julie Sheppard’s tribute to Judy Garland is so moving that it has many critics using superlatives they haven’t used since Garland was alive.”
Parlee Entertainment Magazine

“You will truly believe you are in Garland’s presence!”
Another Voice