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Even Flow tribute to Pearl Jam Steve Lopez

Tribute to Pearl Jam


EVEN FLOW has been performing their unique but authentic version of a tribute band for nearly two years now after lead signer Steve Lopez planted the seed into the brains of four like-minded musicians. EVEN FLOW strives to simulate as closely as possible the experience of going to a live Pearl Jam concert. Each show is consistently one long set, complete with a mixture of old songs, new tunes, rare classics and fresh covers that the band is known to play while on the road touring. Lopez has been regularly compared to Eddie Vedder in voice and personality. Meanwhile the remaining four members complete the package by matching their respective stage personas in stage look, tone and musical style. Collectively the band has over 35 years of live musical experience under their belts!

Most recently the band has received kudos from both the local and regional newspapers, including a mention in the Chicago Tribune, (March 2003), and reportedly may be part of a potential feature article for a pending issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. EVEN FLOW has also performed live acoustically on both a New York radio station morning show, (STAR 105.7), and a Chicago public access television show (Channel 19 Expose TV). At both small and large venues, EVEN FLOW has consistently drawn crowds with very little marketing based on the Pearl Jam moniker and the talent of the five individuals that play their hearts out paying tribute the band they know and love.

Song List

  • Once
  • Corduroy
  • Worldwide Suicide
  • Better Man
  • Jeremy
  • Daughter
  • Rats
  • Black
  • Rearviewmirror
  • Do the Evolution
  • Animal
  • Severed Hand
  • MFC
  • Even Flow
  • Hunger Strike
  • Elderly Woman…
  • Breath
  • Alive
  • Why Go
  • Hail Hail
  • I am Mine
  • Not For You
  • Leaving Here
  • Last Kiss
  • State of Love & Trust
  • Porch
  • Yellow Ledbetter