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Tribute to Joe Jonas

A Tribute to Joe Jonas

FAUX JONAS A tribute to Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is a talented singer-songwriter-musician who shot to superstardom with the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band comprised of Joe and his two brothers, Nick and Kevin. The group has spawned 4 albums, a TV show on the Disney Channel (Jonas L.A.) and acting careers for all three brothers, who starred in the popular Camp Rock film series.

Although his childhood dream was to be a stand-up comedian, Joe wound up pursuing music at a young age, when he followed in his younger brother Nick’s footsteps and began his career on Broadway. While a young Joe was singing in the children’s chorus of Baz Luhrman’s 2002 revival of Puccini’s La Boheme, Nick was working on an ambitious solo project with Columbia Records. The Record company however, saw more potential in the idea of a trio, and Joe’s charismatic presence and heartthrob good looks made him the obvious frontman for the Jonas Brothers.

While the Jonas Brothers have achieved impressive success together—selling over 8 million albums to date—Joe is now spreading his wings and flying solo. His highly anticipated debut, featuring the singles ‘See No More’ and ‘Love Slayer’, communicates an edgier side of Joe’s personality that his fans haven’t yet seen. But whether he’s singing energetic pop songs or grooving to a new beat, this is one star that won’t forget his roots—and who won’t be forgotten by his die-hard fans.

Song List

  • See No More
  • Love Slayer
  • S.O.S.
  • Play My Music
  • Love Bug
  • Year 3000
  • Gotta Find You
  • and many more…