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tribute to Hank Williams Sr.

Tribute to Hank Williams Sr.

Images Of A Country Drifter – A tribute to Hank Williams Sr.

David’s Memories of Hank Williams go back into his early childhood, listening to limited recordings on an old phonograph, and a local radio station. Family members playing and singing songs from the legend, captivated his interest. This intensified and increased his love for Hank’s music! Through the years as he developed his own style, whether it be bluegrass or the traditional style country that he is noted for, Hank Williams music continues to have a profound impact on David’s vocal style and his writing techniques.

David spent 10 years in bluegrass with the group he created “OPEN HIGHWAY”, where he produced 4 albums and gained regional popularity performing throughout the Midwest where he met his partner, singer/songwriter, Terri Lisa. They decided to investigate the country scene and recorded a duo album in Nashville, produced by prominent producer/publicist Dick Mcvey. The album titled “Custom Made” was released early 2001. Custom Made was met with great success upon release to the world market. Many songs on the album have received airplay all over the world. The song “You’ve Got The Key” written by Joe Collins, climbed to #1 in The Netherlands, #6 in Germany, #6 in Italy. In addition the song received an overall rating of #11 for most airplay in a 6 month period. Early in 2002, David and wife Terri Lisa went to perform with a promotional tour, “Western hearts Promotions” and performed all over Europe ,in over 35 venues in prominent cities in Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, and Belgium. They were featured on numerous radio shows.

Church has also gained popularity among Hank Williams fans. Hank Williams, as with many traditional style country artists, was David’s mentor and idol. As church developed his music he paid close attention to the late legend and studied both the writing techniques and vocals. Many people that have attended his performances have stated that David’s voice is so close to that of Hank Sr. that it is almost as if Hank were alive and well in Ohio. He was asked and performed at the 50th Anniversary Memorial to Hank Williams in Montgomery, Al. He led members of the original ” Drifting Cowboys” at the grave site in the song “I saw The Light by Hank Williams Sr.” Clips from the memorial appeared on National News on both CBS network, and several regional newspapers posted the picture of Church leading the crowd on the front page. His tribute show, called “Images Of A Country Drifter”, includes historical narration and 20 songs performed by Church. Included in the band, backing Church for the prestigious event was the legendary Don Helms, who gave up a spot on the Opry to be at the memorial and performed with David. Also present in the audience were additional members of the ” Drifting Cowboys”, including: Jimmy Porter, Clent Holmes, Lum York, and Braxton Shuffert.