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Tribute to Oasis

Formed in 2009, Supersonic quickly emerged as one of the most electrifying Oasis tribute bands on the scene. Comprising a group of passionate musicians deeply influenced by the iconic Britpop legends, Supersonic set out to recreate the raw energy, infectious melodies, and timeless anthems that made Oasis a phenomenon.

Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, each member of Supersonic brings their unique flair and dedication to the stage, faithfully channeling the spirit of Liam and Noel Gallagher and their legendary bandmates. From the swaggering bravado of “Wonderwall” to the rebellious spirit of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star,” Supersonic delivers an authentic Oasis experience that leaves audiences exhilarated and nostalgic for the heyday of ’90s Britpop.

With meticulous attention to detail in both sound and presentation, Supersonic captures the essence of Oasis, transporting audiences back to the era when songs like “Live Forever” and “Champagne Supernova” ruled the airwaves. Whether performing in intimate venues or commanding festival stages, Supersonic never fails to ignite the crowd with their infectious enthusiasm and uncanny ability to recreate the magic of Oasis’s live performances.

In their decade-long journey, Supersonic has garnered a loyal following of fans who share their passion for the music of Oasis. From die-hard aficionados who experienced the ’90s Britpop explosion firsthand to a new generation discovering the timeless appeal of classics like “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” Supersonic continues to celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest bands in rock history.

With their dedication to authenticity and their electrifying live shows, Supersonic pays homage to Oasis with reverence and excitement, ensuring that the spirit of Manchester’s favorite sons lives on for audiences old and new.