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The Dreamboats 50s and 60s tribute band Canada

The Dreamboats

The Dreamboats are bringing back good ol’ fashioned Rock n’ Roll! Playing hits from The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and more, this quartet of handsome young Toronto boys delivers an exciting, nostalgic show that has audiences dancing and singing the night away—Gee Wiz!!

The Dreamboats consist of Chris Hummel (a.k.a. Sir Ritchie Hummins) on vocals and guitar, Bryan Fligg (Fliggers “B.” Lewis) on vocals and bass guitar, Matthew Bestvater-Tennison (“The Prodfather” Matt Best) on lead guitar, and Gianmarco Fiacconi (Johnny “G-Wiz” Fiaccones) on drums and backing vocals.

What brings these four twenty-somethings together to play hits that were much before their time? A true passion for an era when ice cream cost a quarter, milk was delivered to the door, and people danced to live music! The Dreamboats capture this era at live shows through their angelic harmonies, rockin’ guitars, matching uniforms, and famous spinning “starlight” lamps (to set the mood, of course).