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A tribute to Roy Orbison

A Tribute to Roy Orbison

Only the Lonely

Elton Lammie has made quite a career for himself as a country music singer and tribute artist to Roy Orbison.  As a vocalist, Elton has won dozens of talent competitions in Canada and the USA.  He has extensive Radio and TV credits as a performer.  If that wasn’t enough, Elton struck out  as a legit Opera Tenor  by winning a televised reality show looking for Canada’s next Opera Star.  This operatic training has also paved the way for a successful venture as a Roy Orbison impersonator. Orbison had one of the most unique, powerful and cherished voices in recorded music history and Elton is one of very few Roy tribute artists in the world that sings the songs in the original keys. As Roy himself would’ve exclaimed… MERCY!

Song List

  • Only The Lonely 
  • Blue Bayou 
  • You Got It 
  • Oh, Pretty Woman 
  • Ooby Dooby 
  • California Blue 
  •  It’s Over 
  • Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
  • Leah
  • Blue Angel 
  • In Dreams 
  • Running Scared 
  • Handle with Care 
  • End Of The Line 
  • Crying 
  • Candy Man 
  • Uptown 
  • Mean Woman Blues 
  • Claudette