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Just Leppard tribute to Def Leppard

Tribute to Def Leppard

Def Leppard are a legendary British rock band whom have had an incredible career spanning over three decades and still going strong. Having just recently been inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they have sold millions of albums, and have had constant strong success touring all over the world. With the success of the Pyromania and Hysteria albums, they have become global rock n roll legends. This band has been through so many different tragedies but yet seem to stick together and work through their challenges as a band. They have inspired us of all never to give up.

Just Leppard is the ultimate tribute to “Def Leppard”. Ever since they were young musicians Def Leppard has inspired them to be rock stars. With such an amazing catalog of music, they have become legends at cultivating some of the best arena rock the world has to offer. Cheers to Def Leppard! In the 80’s their band Sweet Steeler won the battle of the bands and the prize was to meet Def Leppard on the Hysteria tour. That event made such an impression on the band it made them want to continue their rock and roll dreams and tour across the US and Canada. In the 90’s Def Leppard was on tour and coming to their home town of Sudbury, Ontario. As they bought tickets to the show, Just Leppard found out through the local radio station who was called by Def Leppard’s promotion company that their opening act was not going to make it for the show. The promoter asked the radio station, “who could fill the opening acts spot last minute in Sudbury, Ontario.” The radio suggested, “Terra Cain”, Just Leppard’s band at the time and they opened for their rock and roll idols in their hometown! What a night!

Song List

  • Photograph
  • Rock Of Ages
  • Let’s Get Rocked
  • Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Armeggedon it
  • Hysteria
  • Women
  • Foolin
  • Animal
  • Rocket
  • Rock Rock Till You Drop
  • Love Bites
  • High n Dry
  • Let It Go
  • Bringing On The Heartbreak
  • Gods Of War
  • Too Late
  • Die Hard The Hunter
  • Switch 625
  • Stagefright