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Tribute to Phil Collins

Tribute to Phil Collins

The Phil Collins tribute is truly the most unique tribute to Phil Collins.

The lead singer, Ron Belgard has an uncanny resemblance to Phil Collins both physically and vocally. Ron Belgard’s respect for his work does not stop there, Ron is a skilled drummer and includes this in the show to bring the audience the full scope of Phil Collins talents.

Song List

Solo career:

  • Cannot Believe It¹s True
  • Against All Odds
  • Colours
  • Hand In Hand
  • I Missed Again
  • Can¹t Stop Loving You
  • Everyday
  • It Don¹t Matter To Me
  • Don¹t Lose My Number
  • Only You Know
  • Can¹t Hurry Love/Two Hearts
  • Sussuidio
  • In The Air Tonight
  • Find A Way To My Heart
  • Something Happened On The Way To Heaven
  • Take Me Home
  • All Of My Life
  • Wait And Wonder
  • Though These Walls
  • I Don¹t Care Anymore
  • Another Day In Paradise
  • I Wish It Would Rain
  • One More Night
  • Dance Into The Light
  • Groovy Kind Of Love
  • Easy Lover
  • Separate Lives
  • Many more…

Genesis career:

  • Mama
  • Abacab
  • Follow You Follow Me
  • In To Deep
  • Illegal Alien
  • Land Of Confusion
  • Los Endos
  • Turn It On Again (medley)
  • Fading Lights
  • Duke¹s Travels
  • Job To Do
  • Jesus He Knows Me
  • No Son Of Mine