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Nevermind Tribute to Nirvana

Tribute to Nirvana

NEVERMIND – a complete authentic remake of NIRVANA

It’s not a trick question when people ask who the biggest rock band of the 1990’s was. The obvious answer is NIRVANA. The year was 1991. At the time pop was dominating the charts with bands such as New Kids On The Block to Tiffany dominating the charts. Rock was clearly dying out due to the over exposure of hair rock bands. People were very eager for something new and different to hit the market. It seemed out of nowhere the album NEVERMIND was released. Most thought it to be just another rock album that would soon be forgotten however history would prove people dead wrong.

The biggest album at the time which was number 1 on billboard was Michael Jackson’s Dangerous. This remained for several weeks till the unthinkable happened. The popularity of NEVERMIND just blew up like a bolt of lightning to eventually on January 25. 1992, knock Dangerous out of the #1 position on Billboard. Rock and roll had finally made a massive comeback in mainstream music.

NIRVANA had successfully changed the face of rock and roll forever. Since their time on the scene they had influenced a wide variety of bands to follow in their sound. They made history with their music and spoke for an entire generation of people.

On April 12, 1994 Kurt Cobain was found dead, he apparently had committed suicide. This event had been named the top 5 most shocking moments in rock and roll. With this tragic event ending the NIRVANA live show it has left many die-hard fans with never receiving the opportunity to have seen NIRVANA live. Due to this Singer/guitarist Eddy Culjak formed the band NEVERMIND.

NEVERMIND is a complete authentic remake of NIRVANA. They have a great live show with the same energy offered by NIRVANA as well as the occasional smashing of instruments. Material covered by NEVERMIND is taken from all of the albums as well as unreleased songs. It is always a great treat for NIRVANA fans to see NEVERMIND in concert. NEVERMIND has performed all over Canada as well as the United States . Keep your eye out for this great recreation of one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the history of music.