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Shania Twin – A tribute to Shania Twain

Who is Donna Huber? Donna is a Small-Town Girl, born on May 27, 1966. Donna enjoys all sports activities, but her favourite passion is quiet walks along the beach near her home in Toronto. Donna rarely has spare time in her busy schedule, but whenever possible she loves to visit her family in Sudbury, Ontario.

When asked what her “Love-To-Do” things are she says, “I love performing, taking my dog Sheena for walks on the boardwalk, and I love so much to cook. I also love to exercise – love tennis, rollerblading, biking, going to movies and of course, long walks on the beach.”

Donna was an extremely shy person throughout her early childhood right through to her adult years. Donna remembers, “I was so shy as a child and up until I was 25 years of age. I would get extremely frustrated with myself because of this, and had an extremely low amount of self-esteem. I would beg my sister to shop with me as I was afraid to go alone. I was terrified of speaking to people outside my family. This period in my life was very traumatic for me, and it’s a time that is hard for me to remember. I thank the music business for helping me to grow away from this insecurity. I truly believe it was the catalyst in taking me away from all of my fears. I feel so thankful and blessed for the life I have now.”

After leaving home Donna settled in the small village of Thessalon, Ontario. She resided there for 3 years and was extremely successful with her small business which she operated from her farm house situated on 160 acres of land. She worked extremely hard during those days. Her secret recipe for homemade bread (which she invented herself through trial and error) was a winner and it didn’t take long for word to spread. The next thing she knew she was baking bread, cinnamon buns, pies and anything and everything that was requested.

She then moved to Sudbury to live and work with her sister Shelly. It was here that she was surprised and pleased to receive compliments from strangers commenting on how she looked like “Shania Twain”. “I couldn’t believe people were saying that I looked like Shania Twain! That’s such a compliment to me!” Donna began to investigate Shania Twain and was flattered because so many people exclaimed how much she looked like her. Donna set to work practicing to sing like Shania, watching her videos over and over, watching her moves and the way she presented herself. She practiced extremely hard until one day she felt she was ready. She presented herself to a friend/agent in the music business. He refused her because he knew she had never sung professionally before. Donna was not deterred and she told her friend if he would not help her she would find an agency that would. “I told my friend that I could do anything I set my mind to, and that I would accomplish this. I was terrified, but I knew I had to at least try.” Her friend listened to Donna sing and decided right then and there that yes, this would work. They worked to put a band together, practiced for a few months and the rest is history. Donna has been on the road for 6 1/2 years as the most successful Tribute Act in Canada.

Shania Twin, Tribute to Shania Twain
Tribute to Shania Twain

Donna has met Shania Twain, as well as Shania Twain’s family. Shania had commented that after seeing a poster of Donna, “I thought that was me! Donna is the best Shania Twain Tribute out there.” Another compliment to Donna was the fact that Shania Twain herself had mentioned Donna in her biography.

Donna has recorded a song as a duet with Canadian Recording Artist John Mackintoahasa and has produced her own CD entitled “Bring it On”.

Donna’s favourite singer? Take one guess – SHANIA TWAIN! She also admires blues singer Susan Tedeschi.

Donna’s comments on being a Shania Twain Tribute: “I would love to again thank Shania Twain personally. If I had the opportunity to speak with her again. I would tell her how much I appreciate the fact that she has encouraged me to sing her songs. Because of her I am a different person today. I have a very fulfilled life. THANKS SO MUCH, SHANIA TWAIN!”

This is what people are saying about Donna Huber…

“I thought that was me for a moment … she’s the best one”
Shania Twain upon seeing a photo of Donna – TNN Prime time. March 1998

“I’m flattered that she is doing a tribute to me and I’m hearing great things about her”
Shania Twain – Timmins, Ontario

“You look and sound just like my granddaughter”
Grandma Twain

“Donna was the biggest hit on stage at the Calgary Stampede”
Country Music News August 1998

“… A first class act”
Bluff’s Run Casino – Council Bluffs, Iowa

“People attending the show thought Donna was the real Shania”
C.N.E. – Toronto, Ontario

“As far as I’m concerned I had the real Shania Twain on stage”
Trudeau park – Tweed, Ontario

“… A definite highlight of the tour”
Bosnian Armed Forces Tour

“An outstanding performance”
Wisconsin State Fair – Milwaukee, WI


  • Featured on The Jenny Jones Show, March 1999
  • Article in The National Enquirer, February 1999
  • A National CBC Special
  • An overseas tour to Bosnia
  • A TNN special out of Nashville, TN
  • The busiest act for major fairs, festivals and exhibitions in North America
  • Donna mentioned in biography of Shania Twain
  • Enquirer TV
  • Bravo Television
  • National Post (front page)

Song List

  • Up!
  • I’m Gonna Getcha Good!
  • Come On Over
  • You Win My Love
  • Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under
  • The Woman In Me
  • If It Don’t Take Two
  • If You’re Not In It For Love
  • You’re Still The One
  • When
  • Home Ain’t Where The Heart Is
  • Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
  • Love Gets Me Every Time
  • God Bless This Child
  • Man I Feel Like A Woman
  • Any Man Of Mine
  • No One Needs To Know
  • Rock This Country
  • From This Moment On
  • Whatever You Do! Don’t!
  • Forever And For Always
  • Honey, I’m Home
  • What A Way To Wanna Be!
  • You’ve Got a Way
  • Waiter! Bring Me Water!
  • Ka-ching!
  • In My Car (I’ll Be The Driver)
  • I’m Jealous
  • That Don’t Impress Me Much