Ascension Groove

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Ascension Groove Motown, R&B, Soul Funk, Jazz and Rock

Ascension Groove Motown

Ascension Groove has delighted Toronto and the GTA with top-tier music for over a decade. They have recently entertained at corporate events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and various special occasions. With performances spanning the globe, from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Alaska Panhandle, Ascension Groove has also graced the stages of local dance clubs, casinos, and high-profile Toronto venues like the Cricket Club, Granite Club, Jockey Club, and Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Featuring a core rhythm section of keys, bass, and drums, Ascension Groove boasts two dynamic female singers who also play percussion, guitar, and saxophone. The band’s diverse repertoire encompasses a wide range of styles and eras, from current dance and top 40 to 50’s and 60’s classics, jazz, rock, country, and even world music in languages like Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, and French.

Adapting to any event, Ascension Groove offers musical services from a solo pianist to an eight-piece band, providing a seamless transition from intimate ceremonies to lively receptions. Their high-energy performances create unforgettable experiences that keep audiences engaged and entertained.