The Amazing Bubble Man

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The Amazing Bubbleman

Even Mark Twain once said: “A soap bubble is the most beautiful thing, and the most exquisite in nature…”

Bubbles appeal to all ages from 1-101! The colours and fabulous shapes of these larger-than-life liquids grabs everyone’s attention! No one can resist their wonder and beauty. Sometimes the bubble will last a few seconds as if reflects all the colours of the rainbow. Other bubbles can perform “miracles” for minutes as they magically transform form geometric shapes to insects, carnival rides or even a floating capsule.

THE BUBBLEMAN is able to mesmerize and take you to the world of bubbles by astounding crowds with his special tricks.

“How is it done?” you ask. You’ll have to come see for yourself. Come and be part of the show: IT WILL BE AN UNFORGETTABLE AND MESMERIZING MOMENT!”