Jeff West

Jeff West world famous Canadian comedy stage hypnotist

Jeff West Comedy Stage Hypnotist


An accredited clinical hypnotist with a certificate from the National Guild of Hypnotists with a Master of Hypnosis accreditation. Jeff is a Stage Hypnosis Master Instructor in Toronto Canada. Jeff is being sought after as one of the most ethical stage hypnosis trainers in Canada for corporate stage hypnosis and motivational presentations including television appearances on the “Discovery Channel”, and NBC.

Jeff has honed his professional stage skills, and always performs in good taste with the utmost respect for the audience and his volunteers. Audiences as large as 4,200 people or as small as 30, inside venues, or outside arenas, are all stages that Jeff manages to turn into exciting, energizing gatherings of fun and laughter. Years of stage experience have allowed Jeff to evaluate the audience and the volunteers easily and successfully. This makes him one of the most experienced, lively and versatile hypnotists entertaining today.

Over 70 shows annually for large and small corporate clients around the world. More than 20 years stage experience as a musician, sound and lighting expert and Stage Hypnotist means that Jeff understands the business of the entertainment business better than most: to deliver the funniest, well produced and directed show, which always leaves the audience laughing and wanting more.

It’s mile-o-minute fun from beginning to end as master comedy hypnotist Jeff West pulls out all the stops in the most uproarious audience participation comedy performance you have ever witnessed. Great music and dynamic props set the stage for the most exciting and relentlessly funny one-hour adventure your funny bone can handle.

Jeff presents a triumph of imagination, suspense, science and cinematic artistry that demonstrates why this stage hypnotist is fast becoming the most sought after corporate entertainer in the world today. He is always injecting new ideas into his routines creating a breathtaking comedy adventure you’ll want to experience again and again… on or off the stage.