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Juliet Dunn Jazz singer Canada

Jazz Singer Juliet Dunn

Juliet is quite world experienced with many global connections making her an eclectic and seasoned performer. Originally hailing from the UK and half Jamaican, Juliet has lived in Vancouver BC, Niagara-on-the-Lake and St. Catharines, Ontario as well as Paris, France where she lived for 13 years.

Unlike most, Juliet submerged herself in the world of music and theatre at a later age (in her 20’s), which took place for the most part in France and continues to this day as she develops more and more as an artist here in Canada.

Whilst in France Juliet worked in theatre, musical theatre, film and television, the fashion industry and the music industry.

Some highlights from her career in France include playing the lead role in the TV movie ‘L’Amerloque’ (The Yankee), of a ‘jeune-fille au-pair / jazz singer’ and releasing two singles as a recording artist. (Released in France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.)

Now based in Ontario, Canada, Juliet continues to work in film, TV and theatre and has now expanded her horizon into the world of jazz music. Juliet’s singing teacher in France (Monsieur Jean Salamero) helped develop her love for jazz and she is thrilled to finally have an opportunity to pursue this avenue.

She currently performs with various jazz musicians in the Niagara region and is also working on new material and constantly continuing to evolve as a singer and artist.