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Tribute to The Osbournes

Tribute to The Osbournes

The Ozzyborns are a tribute act based on the popular MTV series The Osbournes.

Each member of the band portrays a member of the Osbourne family.
Although the main body of material is Ozzy and Sabbath, for obvious reasons, the band also mixes in hits from other artists and ties them into the theme of the show. For example….Kelly Ozzyborn sings a couple of Kelly Osbournes’ hits, and the band plays a version of Stay’n Alive – the hit BeeGee song that was remixed by Dweezle Zappa and Ozzy Osbourne….very cool.

With crazy stage props, cool back drops and outrageous costumes, The Ozzyborns put on a show that is both musically, and visually extremely entertaining , with a touch of theatrical comedy, just like the T.V. show.

Depending on the venue, (ie club shows) the Ozzyborns often begin the show as their own opening act. The “ Connie Scriver Band” performs a set of classic, and current top forty rock, which adds a wide variety of music to the over-all show. (Club owners and patrons as well, love this idea as it seems they get two bands for the price of one.)

The Ozzyborns recently performed, at club 279 in Toronto for the Ozzy Osbourne concert party, that took place on June 11th / 03. The show was received with rave reviews from both patrons and staff of the Hard Rock Café and as well as the people from Q-107.

The Ozzyborns also recently performed such venues as C N E Midway stage, and Healeys, and were received with incredible enthusiasm. This is a testament of how much people of all ages love OZZY!